Character / Enrichment Week

Character Enrichment with Year 9

Day 1 – Debate day

On the first day it was debating day, the main purpose of which was to help advance our public speaking and reasoning skills. We started off the day by firstly playing some English games such as Taboo. These were to help get us ready to speak and to write debates. After that we began preparing for the model election. In this we had to prepare speeches for our group’s candidate and at the same time make sure that we also stood for the right groups and made sure that everyone was happy from the army to the farmers. In the end we had the debate and took questions from the groups.


Day 2 – Model UN day.

On the second day it was Model UN day. We started the day by learning about the countries we represented. We also learnt about the heights and the downfall of the UN’s existence. We learnt about incidents such as the Syrian crisis and Rwandan massacres. After that we watched the fantastic movie Hotel Rwanda. After the movie we talked about events and how we would personally run the UN and whether we would continue in its pacifist ways or take other routes. Finally we answered some questions and wrote speeches about whether the UN should change.


Day 3 – Healthy Eating

This was one of the most eventful days of the week as we learnt about healthy bodies. At the beginning of the day we had a lesson on first aid. It was an interactive lesson including drama pieces and using Annie’s to practice. It was very beneficial as we learnt about how we could save someone’s life. After that we had a lesson on healthy eating and it taught about how eating affects the body. After the break we did softball which was fun. Once that finished we made quesadillas and then finally played volleyball.


Day 4 – Eco Garden

On this day we had a competition on who could design the best eco-friendly garden, to go in the space between S3 and S4. Students discussed the possibility of making it friendly for insects and also planned to use recycled plastic in some of their construction. This was an exciting opportunity to develop our project-management skills and learn about the importance of supporting the environment through our gardens.

By Sam, 9W