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Year 8 Normandy Trip

On Saturday 16th March, 40 year 8 students left for the Normandy trip. We took the Eurotunnel before making our first stop in France. This was the chocolate factory. We were shown how the chocolate was made and even decorated our own bars with white chocolate and smarties. We then headed to our hotel for an early night.

On the second day, we visited an old German bunker, which showed the difficult living circumstances during the war. We also visited a 360° cinema which had nine screens to tell the story of the events during World War 2. Afterwards, we headed to bowling where we had two rounds before heading to the beach. After a run around we headed back to the hotel for dinner and a disco – which involved dancing, table football and pool.


On the third day, we visited an American cemetery where there were rows and rows of graves of the people that had died during the war. A significant number of the deaths were caused on D-Day where the Americans lost many lives to come out successful. We also had a session at a small bakery, where we each made a small baguette. There was another disco and then it was off to bed.

On the penultimate day we visited a caramel factory. We saw how the caramel was made, formed and packaged. We then visited a German war cemetery and acknowledged those who had been forced to come to a war they did not want and had sadly died. Our next visit was the Bayeux Tapestry which tells the story of the Norman Conquest in 1066. After that, we returned to our hotel and had a crepes and cider tasting event. We then packed our stuff and headed to the beach once again. This time there was a boys vs girls football match going on. Our final disco was held before we departed the next morning. The next morning, we had an early start to get to Cite Europe for a shopping trip before we got on the shuttle home.