Languages / School Trips

Supercurricular activities in the German department at 6th Form

It has been a very busy term for the year 12 and 13 students in the school’s German faculty this year. Delegations have been sent to a multiplicity of events, fairs, competitions and open days, gaining important knowledge about the applications and uses of learning German, the opportunities available to German learners, and the path to the best university places for studying German at university.

A large trip was organised to the LSE on the Strand in London in order to visit the German Embassy careers fair; here students met and talked to representatives from companies such as Bosch, Siemens, Lidl, Allianz and Bloomberg about the employability of CSGS German faculty alumni. This trip was especially productive for the students who were studying German in addition to multiple STEM subjects, as they found out about the advantages that this gave them when applying to related positions in prestigious German engineering firms.

Students also went to a Kings College London taster day for German, as well as a Cambridge MML Masterclass, for those interested in studying the language at a higher level. These trips elucidated the benefits of and pathways to a degree in the subject at the two Russell group universities, as well as the advantages enjoyed by language students in the wake of a significant downturn in the number of applicants for these courses. The benefits of language learning were also extolled at the Language Fair at Kensington Olympia, which showed students many exhibitors and seminars from many institutions and groups from all over the linguistic world.

Year 12 students participated in a contest run by one such organisation, the Goethe Institut debating competition, and showed their rhetorical mettle with a protracted debate on cultural exchange and education with students from Coloma Girls Convent school, Croydon. Judges pronounced the other school to have won, however CSGS students were rewarded for their effort with branded Goethe Institut merchandise. It was an educational and entertaining experience for all involved.

By Thomas, year 12.