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Year 8 & 9 German Christmas Markets Trip

It sounds like the students had a thoroughly enjoyable time on this recent trip. Check out the review below by Lois and Freyja in year 8.


As we arrived to Hotel Bergschlösschen, after a long, winding coach journey we finally got to see the beautiful surroundings of the hotel. We got welcomed in by our lovely hosts and sat down for dinner after putting our suitcases away. We had a delightful meal including soup, meatballs, vegetables and for dessert, cake or ice cream. Finally we went through a few ground rules and found out who would be in our room for the next few days. We unpacked our cases and fell asleep as we were all drained from the journey.


On Saturday morning we had quite an early start as we had two Christmas markets to go to on that day – Bonn and Siegburg. As we came downstairs to breakfast, we were greeted with a scrumptious buffet which contained toast, cereal and yogurt. Afterwards, we got ready and headed to the first market which was in Bonn. This was personally our favourite as it was very festive and it had the best food! Then we got back on the coach and set off for our next market, which was a medieval Christmas market. This market consisted of a medieval show as well as a few medieval stalls. However there was also some normal shops selling traditional products. When we got back to the hotel we had the evening meal and watched a Christmas movie, in this case the movie was ‘A Christmas Carol’.


Everybody was very excited for Sunday because we were going ice skating. As always we firstly had breakfast before setting off. We arrived at Rüdesheim where we took a beautiful chairlift ride over the town. We then stopped at the top and admired the view, before going back down to the bottom and some time to go shopping at the festive market. Afterwards, we got back on the coach and proceeded to Koblenz. Here we did some ice skating in the town centre. When we got back to the Hotel we had dinner, watched another Christmas movie and started to pack, because Monday was the day we were heading back home.

This trip was a great experience for us and we both enjoyed it thoroughly. This was by far the best trip we’ve been on since starting Chis and Sid in 2017. We definitely recommend the trip for upcoming student to the school.