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Computing Club Update

Every Friday at 3:00 pm, Room 11 is transformed from a typical academic classroom into a boisterous meeting place, where students from years 7 to 10 have been exploring all things involving computers. No Friday is ever the same.

On some days, pupils have been programming their own motion sensor solutions, with Mrs Laber and Mr Duhan of the Computer Science department. At other times, pupils have been building their own computers using the Computer Science department’s Kano Kits. In addition, pupils have also been exploring robotics and building their own robots, including Tommo and Terrance the robot!


Computing Club is an informal way for Chis and Sid pupils to share their passion for technology. It is a terrific forum to engage new students who are intimidated by computer science classes or simply interested in all the things you can do with a computer.

Technology permeates every aspect of pupils’ lives. While virtually every pupil has a smartphone or tablet that they use at home, few have any concrete knowledge of how to actually write software for them. We hope to build on this enthusiasm for problem solving and cannot wait to see what else is produced next term.