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Year 7 Canterbury RS & Geography Trip

This week, Year 7 went on a motivating and inspiring trip to Canterbury, Kent. The purpose of this trip was to expand our knowledge of RS and Geography.  In the morning, we visited Canterbury Cathedral, where a student who went on the trip said: ’I loved how historical the place was and it really gave me a glimpse into the past’. We learned about the origins of the cathedral, the different sections it was split into and the religious role it played through time. We also found out about St Thomas Becket and how he was involved in making Canterbury Cathedral the significant place of pilgrimage it is today. Year 7 really enjoyed the time spent here.

The other half of the trip was a Geography task, in which we did a survey on what the Canterbury residents felt about the many chain stores on the high street. One student found: ‘most people felt that chain stores were taking over their high street and that there should be less of them’. This was an interesting discovery and Year 7 certainly learned a great deal more on what impact chain stores have on local residents, and even a whole community.

Year 7 thoroughly enjoyed this field trip and would like to say a special thank you to all the teachers involved in making this happen. We enthusiastically celebrated the day out of class!

By Sofia, year 7