Netball Update

2017 – 2018 has been a phenomenal year for the netball department at Chis and Sid, as the school continues to welcome talented netball players from every year group. 

However we can’t just celebrate the success of the Chis and Sid only pupils, as for the first time this year the netball department has launched its KS2 netball program, which has been a roaring success. This was first introduced when the school hosted their own KS2 netball festival, which was an opportunity for girls ages 7 – 11 to come along and try netball out if they hadn’t already, or build on their skills if they had.  From here, the netball department worked with local primary schools to run a weekly netball club for girls age 7 – 11, with the hope to encourage more young girls into sport. This was a triumph and the programme has helped develop both the netball skills and enthusiasm of many young girls, so that they have a love and passion for the sport in the future.

The Netball PA fundraising for floodlights continues, and isn’t far off now. This is thanks to the dedication and hard work of all the netballers and the Netball Association, without whom these successful fundraising events would not be possible. This includes the netball afternoon tea, in which many of our netballers from throughout the school joined us for fun games, music, food and awards, and other events such as the quiz night, bag packing at local supermarkets and cake sales. Without all this hard work, we would not be as close to getting floodlights as we are now. Construction will start the next academic year thanks to the £3,600 raised this year and giving a grand total of £26,000 raised in the past three years.

To shine a bright light on the Chis and Sid netballers, this year has been one of great success and celebration. From December to March, the annual Bexley Championships brought out the competitive side of the netballers and they fought their way to the top. Congratulations to years 7, 9 & 10, whose hard work and talent paid off as they became Bexley champions, with incredible performances all round. Not only this, but Year 8 made their mark by taking first place at the PGL Netball tour tournament in February 2018. The three day trip hosted by England netball included two days of competitive netball from U12-U16, and outdoor activities that helped boost teamwork skills for all of the girls attending.

Netball photo

The senior team this year have demonstrated their talent and determination by playing in the Whiteoak Women’s league against teams with more age and experience. The team, a combination of players from year 10 to year 13, worked incredibly hard throughout the season and finished third place, narrowly missing out on a top place by only five points. Next year, we hope to bring home first place.

The talent this year was outstanding, as the skills of the netballers in the school continue to impress. A special congratulations to the hard working girls who made it into the Kent Netball Academy this year. In the U13 this was Sammy Walton and Loulou Pullen and in the U14, Lucy Gardiner and Ellese Backley.

All in all, this year has been a major success for the netball department as we continue to promote sport to young girls from both within and outside of our school. The enthusiasm and talent coming through has been exceptional, as well as the hard work and dedication demonstrated by all of the girls who share our passion and love for the sport.