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Prague Trip

At the end of the summer term, Year 12 were given an exciting opportunity to visit the city of Prague in order to develop their understanding of the economic history of the Czech Republic and to visit a variety of businesses.

The first day in Prague consisted of a university- style lecture conducted by CERGE Institute on the topic of “Czech Republic: Transition and Beyond”. This allowed us to enhance our knowledge of the once centrally planned economy and produce a detailed analysis of privatisation as well as it’s consequences such as foreign trade and economic growth. Later in the afternoon, we were given the thrilling prospect of going on a private tour of Václav Havel Airport to familiarise ourselves with the role the airport plays in international trade for the Czech Republic and the benefits the airport brings to local businesses in Prague and the wider area. We were also surprised with the once in a lifetime opportunity of being airside and we were able to watch some of the world’s largest aeroplanes take off and land, including the Airbus A380.

On the second day, we visited the glass factory Ruckl in Nizbor and were given an incredible tour of the process behind glass making as well as comprehending the PED for Ruckl’s products and competition levels in the glass factory industry. That afternoon, we went to Pilsen, a stunning city in Czech Republic, and had the opportunity of going on a tour of Pilsen Urquell Brewery. We had a brilliant day exploring the production of and the process behind perfectly crafting Pilsen beer!

Finally, on our last day we did a stunning riverboat cruise on the River Vltava. With the help of the beautiful weather and scenic landscape, we were able to enjoy a tour of the ancient landmarks in Prague as well as exploring the range of uses of the river such as trading routes hydropower dams to provide power. We finished the trip with a tour of the Museum of Communism, giving us an insight into the historical background to the rise of communism and lead us through the life of the Czech people in the times on the Soviet Union.

Overall, every student thoroughly enjoyed every aspect the trip. There was a huge amount of laughter over the four days and it allowed us to make incredible memories together in such a fascinating city. Definitely a trip we will remember for a lifetime!

By Mia, year 12.