Philosophy Club

Philosophy club, which is run by Mr Thomas every Friday lunchtime, is a great club to attend and has definitely made me a more thoughtful person over the year. We discuss all sorts of subjects, ranging from the issues of terrorism to the ethics of Fortnite (that session was particularly popular!). Philosophy club somewhat lacks the popularity that it, in my opinion, deserves. I, for one, always look forward to Friday lunch and Philosophy club (oh, and the sausage and chips the canteen offers that day!).

A wide range of issues are covered in Philosophy club but, most weeks, it tends to come back to the same debatable question: are we real? I thought this seemed a silly question at first, but, nevertheless, it has provided multiple lunchtimes of interesting conversation – conversation you could be part of next academic year. You do not need to sign up or become a member of Philosophy club, you just turn up every Friday lunch, preferably with your lunch. Why not give it a go?

By Dylan, year 7.