Humanities / Languages

Year 7 Trip to Boulogne

After embarking on our trip early in the morning, we managed to travel via the Eurotunnel effectively to our destination. Once in Boulogne we shot off to our first stop, which was the sweet factory, where we had a French guide who demonstrated how to make sweets in detail with gelatine and without. Before leaving we HAD to visit the shop!

After visiting this destination we headed back on the road to the town centre. From here we went on a little walk round the area trying to find and take pictures of certain French objects given in our work booklets. While here we were also given some free time to purchase souvenirs and local food for our ongoing journey.

Next we ventured off to our hotel which was a small drive away in the middle of the beautiful French countryside. Here we managed to fit in a world cup match and were given some time to relax.

The next morning we hit the road once again to Nausicaa, a famous aquarium where we were able to see many types of exotic fish and very rare sharks. We were given a talk regarding the safety of our oceans which was very enlightening to see how we could help.

From here we went to a local dairy farm. As soon as we got there we were given free tasters of fresh ice cream and fresh sorbet before meeting a farm worker who gave us a lesson on how to make butter. After this we had a tour of the farm and were able to see the diet and the milking process of a cow.

Before heading home on the Eurotunnel we stopped off at Cite Europe where we made a few last minute purchases! We all returned from our Boulogne adventure knowing a lot more French and exhausted!

By Jack, year 7.