Enrichment Week 2018 / Humanities

Imperial War Museum Visit

On Tuesday, 3rd July we went on a journey through the past all the way back to ww1 where we looked at the causes and effects of the world war. At the beginning of the day we got the train to London where we then hiked the perilous journey to the imperial war museum. There we looked at many saddening but awesome artifacts such as an olden day bomb shelter or 40 different weapons they used in the war. The most interesting artifact was probably a car that was destroyed by a bomb as it looks cool. Than after the museum was the best part… lunch. After filling our bellies with food we went down to Green Park. It is called this because it has no flowers. The reason there are no flowers is because during the Tudor period one king was married but he was having an affair and green park was in between their houses so when he went out for a ‘walk’ he would pick some flowers along the way because back then there were hundreds of flowers but eventually his wife found out so she ordered all the flowers to be uprooted.

Anyways so we went to Green Park where we saw many monuments to the fallen of the war. We saw ones like the bomber command and the Canadian one. My favorite was the Canadian as there was water there.

Overall this trip was fun but it was also a bit depressing as I learnt about all the death so I did some home research and it is estimated that around 41 million people died but it is most likely that there are more. I really hope that another world war will not happen as this time the effect will be even more devastating as our technology has had a massive advancement so we now have nuclear weapons. It is thought that there are enough nuclear weapons that we can destroy the world as we know it will perish, everything will die… except those pesky little cockroaches. They will never die.

By Tim, year 8.