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British Museum Latin and Classics Trip

On 25th June a group of Latin and Classics students were able to visit a unique exhibition in The British Museum on French sculptor Rodin, and how seeing ancient Greek sculptures on his trip to The British Museum inspired him into setting a new direction for modern art.

After a train to Charing Cross, a few stops on the tube to Tottenham Court Road and a short walk, we arrived at the British Museum. Inside the Museum we made our way to the Rodin exhibition, where we were able to see his iconic pieces The Thinker and The Kiss and lots of his other original sculptures, and alongside them, we saw pieces of the Parthenon sculptures which inspired them.

The walls of the exhibit had lots of Rodin’s quotes which also gave us an insight into his ideas as an artist. Seeing the sculptures at such close proximity to each other was really interesting as we were able to see what Rodin was influenced by; he even removed arms and heads from his sculptures to make them closer to the broken relics that had captivated him. Through doing this he inspired the next genre of art with headless and armless torsos.

The exhibition was very informative and thought-provoking, the sculptures and their descriptions gave us an insight into Greek society and the different messages Rodin wanted to portray about it through his art.

Once we were finished at the Rodin exhibit, we were able to visit the Greek and Roman sections of the museum. In the Roman section, we saw lots of different artefacts which illustrated many aspects of Roman life, such as a strigil, which we all found very exciting. In the Greek sections, we saw pottery, more Parthenon sculptures and a model of the Parthenon. The Greek section showed us further the kind of things Rodin knew about Greek society and interested him.

Overall the trip was a unique experience as the exhibit is only open for a short amount of time. We were able to see lots of things up close that we had learned about in class, but also get some new knowledge on Rodin and his art. Personally, I didn’t really know much about Rodin before I went on the trip, but I enjoyed looking at the sculptures and seeing directly what inspired him and realising how much Greek society impacted modern art.

By Mia, year 10