School Trips

Recently Mrs Whittaker organised a trip to Mansfield College, Oxford for year 10 and they clearly learnt a lot from their visit. Here Kalnina has written about her experience.

The pupils that attended came back in awe of the students, teachers, facilities, and architecture. Despite being aware that Oxford is one of the leading universities in the world, actually stepping foot in the university and being surrounded by the people who teach and study there made us pupils admire it even more. We are so grateful for this experience as it has enlightened us and made us realise that in order to achieve anything, we must find interest in learning independently for our own good, as well as in school. ​​​​

Meeting current students at Mansfield College and asking them questions was interesting and helpful as it gave our students a clear and realistic overview of what it is like to attend such an outstanding university. ​​​​​​​​​​​Our pupils participated in a number of discussions with different students, who are all studying various subjects. Not only were the conversations enjoyable and intriguing, but they were something new and challenging. The pupils were engrossed in the discussions and always had significant points to mention. They left the students of Oxford highly impressed and came back with a different perspective on certain topics that had earlier been covered.

​​​​Mansfield College was a magnificent place, as well as New College, which the pupils visited quickly in their spare time. The tradition of Oxford still stands within the walls of the university, managing to amaze every person that ever visits.  Oxford University is truly magical and the facilities seem to be exactly what is needed to accommodate the students in their learning. Oxford University does everything it can to not only welcome its students but to allow them to thrive and achieve their absolute best, as long as they are willing to do so. ​​​​​​​This trip is highly recommended to anyone who is prepared to achieve beyond what they have already got and aim for excellence.