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Year 8 Normandy Trip

The French and History department jointly organised a trip for year 8 to Normandy in the northwest of France. The trip takes place every year in March.

On Saturday, we arrived at school a bit early. We loaded our luggage onto the coach and waved goodbye to our parents as we left. When we arrived at the English shuttle terminal, we had time to have breakfast. We then got back on the coach and boarded the shuttle. The shuttle took 30-40 minutes to get from England to France. We then went straight to the restaurant outside of the P&J chocolate factory to have lunch. Lunch consisted of either chicken nuggets or a burger with chips. We then went on to decorate our own bars of chocolate whilst learning about how chocolate is made and the conditions it needs. We were then able to buy some of their amazing chocolate afterwards. Our journey then ended when we arrived at the Bon Séjour hotel in Merville-Franceville. We got a first look at our rooms then came straight down for dinner.

On Sunday, we started the day with breakfast and then made our lunch for afterwards; this was the routine for everyday. We afterwards made our way to “le musée de l’Atlantique” an old WW2 bunker overlooking sword beach. We got to have a feel of what being a soldier in the war was like and learn how they lived in there. After, we went to the Arromanches to have a look around a realistic WW2 bunker. We then had lunch next to a nearby beach. Afterwards we went to a 360° cinema to watch a moving short film about D-Day. We then went bowling and had fun competing against each to see which group came on top. To end the day, we had dinner then had fun dancing at the disco.

On Monday, we visited the American cemetery of Colleville-sur-Mer, to visually see how many soldiers sacrificed their lives for their countries. We then went to Omaha beach where some of the D-Day battles took place; we also had lunch there. We then went onwards to a ‘hands on’ bakery to make our own bread. For those who felt in the giving donated their pieces of bread to people who don’t have much to eat. To end the day again, we had dinner then had fun dancing at the disco.

On Tuesday, we made our way to “les caramels d’Isigny”, a fudge-making factory, to learn how to make fudge and have some tasters as well. We saw how all the different flavours are made and how much fudge is made a day. We then went to the German cemetery where we saw the graves of the fallen soldiers. We afterwards had lunch in a bench area nearby. After that we saw “la tapisserie de Bayeux” (the Bayeux tapestry) whilst listening to an audio clip of it being explained scene by scene. When we arrived back at the hotel, we got to try some crêpes and cider. Later on we had our last dinner and started packing after we went to our last disco.

On Wednesday, we travelled back to England. Before we got on the shuttle, we had two hours to shop and get lunch at “Cité Europe”. We got back to school earlier than expected arriving before 6 o’clock.

Overall, I really enjoyed learning about WW2 whilst having fun.

By Kevin, year 8