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Magical Margate Art Trip

(do make sure you scroll to the end to view the students’ photos!)

Margate was an experience of contrasting elements. It was a silvery grey day, ideal for photography. We started at Dreamland, both interior and exterior shots. A retro opportunity alongside the off season stillness, the atmosphere contributed to the poignancy of the shots, including the Roller Disco.

We then moved on to a carpark! Adjacent to the Arlington tower block it features brutalist architecture which provided many photographic opportunities for perspective and aerial images. We then walked to the beach front where the students were able to collect a range of horizon and perspective based images including the Lido pool which has featured in the film work of Hamish Fulton. Walking over to the Turner Contemporary we were able to view the period architecture and seaside amusements which provided some strong typographic images.

The exhibition at the Turner was diverse and fittingly based around the experience of Margate and its residents. On initial reading a potentially dry impression, however the artworks did not disappoint and ranged from film works, installations and multimedia pieces- both contemporary and modern from renowned international artists. The students enjoyed the interactive educational centre where they fully participated through written and drawn art pieces.

Lunch arrived and fish and chips were enjoyed by all seated on the beach front. There was then free time around Margate Old Town to record some of the historical architecture.

This was the first photographic trip the Art Department has run and, based on the success of the day, we will be arranging further photographic focus days in the future across both KS4 and KS5 to a variety of locations. Please enjoy a selection of the photographs submitted by the students.

Photos by Malikah:

(inc. featured image)


Photos by Tierney:


Photos by Ayanna: