A Frantic Drama workshop

On Friday 2nd February, the Drama department welcomed the world-renowned Frantic Assembly Theatre Company to work with our A-Level students. The workshop was centred around Frantic’s signature style of theatre including physical movement and creating interesting stories and ideas from relatively simple starting places. Big thanks go to Jess who was so inspirational and knowledgeable in sharing the inner workings of the company and in answering the student’s questions. The students were fantastic ambassadors for the school and department and had the following words to say after the workshop:

“It was really helpful, especially learning how to lift properly and safely. By learning the basic technique, I can now apply it to multiple lifts, which will be very effective when performing.”

“The workshop was really insightful and gave me a new perspective on how drama can be devised from the simplest of things, without needing to spend a lot of time overthinking ideas.”

“The workshop allowed me to enhance my knowledge of Frantic and how motion can be used to tell a story, as well as evoking particular emotions due to the change in speed or music.”