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My Last Carol Concert

Tom will be leaving the school next summer and so this year was his last Carol Concert. Here, Tom reflects on what it’s been like to be a part of such a great school tradition over the years.

In 2011 I sang with the junior choir in my first Chis and Sid Carol Concert, and I have had the pleasure of singing in it every year since. The carol service at Chis and Sid is always the most exciting event of the school year for me, as it showcases some of my favourite music at a very high standard of performance. The concert typically consists of audience carols, choir carols sung by the Chamber Choir, a piece sung by the Gospel Choir, a collaboration between Chamber Choir and Junior Choir for a carol and readings in between from the Bible. The Carol Concert tradition has been very special to me throughout my time here at Chis and Sid. To be able to perform such complex music at such a high standard with a choir formed of school children is an amazing feat, and it really makes our school’s music department stand out. Assembling Chamber Choir in September has always proven difficult in the past; it can be hard to find enough voices to match each part every year. However, this year I was thoroughly impressed by the mass of eagerness shown by everyone in the choir to sing and try new music. We had more members of the choir than ever before and they were all committed to rehearsals and learning repertoire, all supported by the enthusiasm and dedication of our teachers in the music department. The Carol Concert has given me invaluable experience as I would like to go onto a career in music and intend to do plenty of choral singing. I am very sad to leave it behind, as it is my last year at the school, but I am sure the wonderful tradition will continue years into the future. I hope that the choir continues to choose ever more challenging and beautiful repertoire to sing.

By Tom, Year 13