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Year 8 Geography Field Trip to Scadbury Park

On Monday 13th November 2017 Year 8 spent half of their day at Scadbury Park on a school trip. We began our Geography trip by getting the small coach trip of around 10 minutes to Chislehurst and then we walked for around 5 minutes to go to our picnic area. 8STW then found out whose groups they would be in and what teachers would be with them as well as eating our lunch for a brief 10 minutes, so we could get as much in as possible.

I was in a group with many people from my form and Ms McGovern. We had to quickly draw a field sketch of what we could see around us with Ms Bunn’s group. A field sketch thankfully doesn’t have to be a piece of art but only a sketch with many annotations and labels to show your surrounding area. After we had finished in our booklets we quickly wrote down our hypothesis on whether in our 300m walk the footpath width would be a certain amount as well as footpath depth and also the quality of the environment.

Every 10 metres on our walk we had to measure the footpath width (31 times in total!) to see if there are any patterns and why could this be, maybe it was because the path was going through a tight gate or across a big plain field. We did debate quite a lot on the width even if it was to 1 centimetre as my group liked to be very precise.

At every 150 metres we also had to measure, this time with a 30cm ruler not a metre stick, the depth of the footpath which differed in many places but again this was because some places were very tight! Once we had reached the 300 metre mark we all realised we had to walk back again but in 4 locations around every 75 metres we had to check the Environmental Quality using the Environmental Quality Index on a rate of 1 to 5, on many features including Dog mess, litter, and life (trees, insects, etc.).

By the time we got back to the picnic area where we met the rest of the classes we had just enough time to get on the coach and back to school for 3pm and 8DEL for 12.30pm. Overall, this was a very fun school trip in the nice autumn crisp air with many things learnt over the course of this trip!

By Lucas, year 8.