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Year 10 Geography Field Trip to Herne Bay

In October, year ten geography students embarked on a field trip to Herne Bay, on the North Eastern coast of Kent. The trip allowed us to see the methods and protection that the local area has invested in to prevent erosion and flooding in Herne Bay.  We carried out an investigation into the effectiveness of the coastal management there.
We travelled to the coast by coach. When we arrived, we immediately saw that sea walls and groynes had been put into place; the intent being to protect the residential areas, beaches and economic activity, which lie in the local area, from damaging coastal processes. Our overall aim was to evaluate how successful this protection was and to do this we had to collect data. We measured the beach and sediment on the East and West side of the groynes in order to compare them and determine how effective they were at preventing coastal processes such as long-shore drift. We recorded all of our data and took it back for us to analyse and evaluate all the information so we could reach a conclusion.
Overall, the field trip gave us an insight into the types of coastal management in England and how effective they are. This also helped us with our current studies, being ‘UK Landforms.’

By Lauren, year 10