Competitions / Mathematics

Success in the Maths Department

The maths department has been very successful recently with a number of events where students have gained impressive awards. These include:

Girls Olympiad – Six girls took part with 3 achieving results within the top 600 in the country (Alex McLain, Kara Salih, Chloe Thorne), and one achieving a result placing her in the top 25 (Amelia Rout).


Senior Maths Challenge – The school entered 100 students, achieving 3 Gold, 16 Silver, 41 Bronze awards, special highlights go to Amelia Rout, Kara Salih, Joshua Cheng all qualifying for round 2 in year 13. Ryan Bushell, Amy Walton both qualifying for round 2 in year 13.


Senior Team Challenge – We took a team of 4 mathematicians (Amelia Rout, Kara Salih, Alex McLain, Amy Walton) to compete against other teams in the region at Ravens Wood School. The team worked very hard and achieved 5th place out of 33 teams, an excellent result.

Congratulations to all Chis and Sid’s highly talented musicians.