Humanities / School Trips

RS Peter Vardy Conference

The year 13 RS trip to the Peter Vardy conference is an extremely useful and significant trip that encourages further thinking, providing knowledge that can improve exam content and technique. Being involved in a conference lead by one of the most influential thinkers of our time is an honour and a privilege, especially being able to interact and share opinions.  Peter Vardy is a scholar whose theories and ideas are noteworthy in a number of topics studied at A-level, such as the nature of God; religious language and gender in religion. Being part of the discussions are extremely engaging, hearing the opinions of others and being able to change and evolve your own philosophical thinking. Personally, hearing about logical contradictions of the nature of God, e.g. ‘can God make a square circle if he is all powerful?’ or ‘can God sin?’ was the most intriguing part of the trip as it was the most thought provoking. Asking yourself fundamental questions that challenge your own perceptions of the world and your beliefs, asked Peter Vardy was a very memorable experience.

By Katrina, year 13