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British Museum Classics Trip

On the 9th of November, Year 12 were offered the opportunity to visit the British Museum for a Classics Day. During this time, we were offered many amazing chances to learn more about Ancient Greece and Rome and the importance of ancient artifacts and what we can learn from them. My personal experience was an amazing one as I really enjoyed the handling sessions as it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and enabled us to learn about ancient material culture and where they were from and the significance of the artifact to learn about ancient society. My favorite artifact were the drinking cups with the gorgon head at the base, which can be used to learn about the mood of a symposium and what activities would take place.

There were also other aspects of the day, such as the talks that helped us gain an insight into the origins of Homer and Roman Imperial image. These are topics that we could use to gain context for the current books we are studying such as the Iliad and any future topics or books we may study. Throughout the day there were also guided tours that the group could partake in such as the tour of Roman statues and artifacts that we could use to understand Imperial image and how the Roman leaders and their family would like to be viewed. We also had a tour of Greek amphorae and artifacts that taught us about the context behind Greek theatre and Homer’s work. Overall, the day was really worthwhile and gave us important insight into Greek and Roman society and gave us an excellent advantage when studying the topics and works of literature in the classroom.

By Abitha, year 12