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World Wide Geography Quiz

In year 10, a select few students were chosen by our teachers to participate in a Geography Quiz Tournament- it was a very fun experience that is definitely worth looking forward to.

During the process of the Quiz, we had to train- so every couple of lunchtimes we would go in as a group (8 of us) and test each other with our general knowledge about Geography. This was really interesting as we were learning new things from each other about the world that we weren’t taught in lessons, which gave us a new perspective about other countries and famous landmarks from around the planet.

When the day came, we set off to Charles Darwin School to compete against other keen students to see who had the best knowledge- we were tested on; capitals, landmarks, natural features and much more- it was also a very calm environment for everyone to talk to each other in our groups. In the end we came third, which unfortunately was not first, though it wasn’t a disappointing place to finish as all of the scores were very close and we were up against tough competition.

Personally, I feel that this experience is something that all people taking Geography should try to get involved in as it can change your perspective about the subject- for the better and widen your knowledge about the world.

By Jack, year 10.