Character / Humanities

Hidden Figures and Character values

The RS department recently gave students the opportunity, as part of their lunchtime film club and Black History Month. Here Jonathan from year 9 has written a review of the film and how it ties in with many of the Character traits that are so important to success here at Chis and Sid.

Firstly, they all show courage and resilience, by all being black females, who, at the time were one of the most downtrodden and discriminated against ethnic groups of that time. They frequently show distaste for the racial segregation and Jim Crow laws, in public, despite the social stigma of the time against black people.

Katherine Johnson was a human “calculator” who worked for NASA. She worked with leading mathematicians and became vital with the current operation, Mercury, intent on sending the first man to the Moon. She showed exceptional resilience, when required to use a coloured bathroom that took 15 minutes to run to. She showed courage when she asking to be in the meetings in which everything was discussed as there was a chance she would get fired, but she needed to catch up with the data. She showed creativity and intellectual curiosity when she looked through the permanent marker on the sheets as she did not have clearance.

Mary Jackson was a mathematician who worked on flight experiments and wind tunnels, and extracting data. She showed intellectual curiosity and resilience when she applied for the engineer role in Nasa as it was a “man’s job” or was considered to be back then. There were many hurdles but she kept on showing commitment and resilience by keeping on trying and never giving up. She finally achieved the role after a long struggle.

 Dorothy Vaughan was a calculator like the other two, but when she saw her job was under threat by the new computing device made by IBM, she showed creativity and commitment by borrowing books from a library in order to learn how to program said IBM computer. She joined the WACG, the west area computing group, but only after a long struggle with NASA- she was not allowed as the traditional role for the computing group was white males. She also showed courage, responsibility and commitment, as when she was a supervisor, she made sure her staff were rewarded for merit.