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Netball and Hockey Tour

Students had an incredible time on their recent Netball and Hocket tour to Italy. Here’s a summary of what they got up to.

Day 1 – travel
On Sunday 28th May we travelled from London to Marco Polo airport in our bright pink polo’s to begin Our week of Fun and excitement.

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Day 2 – netball and hockey

The next day we woke up bright and early to begin our first morning in Jesolo. We enjoyed our breakfast which fuelled us up for our eventful day. We began the day with netball and learnt so many new skills. Right after, we hopped on the coach for an hour and hopped off for our hockey training before returning to the hotel in the evening.

Day 3 – netball and hockey day 2
On day 2 we played a tournament with another school and we got a chance to make new friends.
Later that day we got the chance to play hockey with some Italian schools which was an amazing experience

Day 4- Aqualandia
On the fourth day we spent the whole day at the waterpark. We all had an amazing time in the sun and it was a fantastic way to end our time in Jesolo.

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On the last day we played mini golf and relaxed on the beach. I can truly say everyone had an amazing time on tour and we were lucky to have such an amazing opportunity to play with international schools.

And here’s a much more detailed explanation of all the exciting activities- and it’s pretty clear they had an incredible, action-packed time!


We arrived at Gatwick airport and huddleds around waiting excitedly for our luggage to be taken and for us to be booked in. Finally the Italy tour has come- the day that we all were waiting for! After this we went walking around the duty free and shops, buying breakfast, talking etc, until it was time to board the plane. We all sat down in our seats, some people were separated from their friends but that didn’t matter- we were all just excited that we were going to Italy. I woke up near the end of the journey and couldn’t help but be mesmerised by the view- Miss Rayner, since she is a geography teacher, told me all about the things below. Then it was time to land- we took our hand luggage and got off the plane. We were stepping on Italian soil!- you could tell that everyone was excited, everyone was smiling like Cheshire cats. After that we walked to the place where people held name tags up and I found it so amusing to find CSGS on one- I’ve always wanted to see that in real life. Tim, our coach driver, escorted us to the coach- everyone was walking as fast as they could to get the best seats. Then we were off. We passed many beautiful buildings and rivers until we got to our hotel. The other school that we were sharing the hotel with had not yet arrived so freedom was ours. We got changed, logged into the wifi of course and then set off for the beach. We spent a couple of hours on the beach and then went back to the hotel where we ate and went to bed. Some of us were very tired!

Day 2:

This was when the workout happened. So we got dressed, ate breakfast, and set off to the coaching clinic. To warm up, the netball coaches proceeded to teach us drills that involved different skills that we needed in a netball match. Some of the drills we already knew which we got straight away and some of them were new which required more practice. After the drills it was lunch when we enjoyed some ice cream and got a chance to cool down and have a chat. After this we had a tournament with the other school and we beat them. The majority of us were year 8s and they were year 9s which made the victory much sweeter but they still had the following the day to come. After a tiring netball session, we still had to do hockey but before that we stopped off to get some water etc because it was unfair that our lovely teachers were buying us water. Once we got to the hockey pitch we ran under the sprinkler, which just happened to turn on on time, to cool us down. The Italian hockey coach taught us some skills and then we got to play against her team and we won but they were worthy opponents. After our tiring day we went back to the hotel to have some dinner and rest.

Day 3:

The day was just like day 2 but in the morning we got to go around the square. It was fun to explore and window shop. This gave us the opportunity to get some souvenirs for family members and treats for ourselves. After this we went to netball clinic as normal where we trained and then did a tournament. Unfortunately we lost this time but we still had hockey to make up for it. Once we got to hockey we had to wait for a bit because the other team didn’t show up on time but we still had time to play a match with them when they did arrive. Then we took the coach to the hotel to eat and sleep.

Day 4:

I’m pretty sure everyone woke up with a smile on their face because this day was the day that we went to Aqualandia. Truly a day that I will never forget. We had breakfast and set off. Once we got there we were allowed to go on any ride we wanted. One of the rides was so scary and high but me and my friends just had to try it. We ate waffles dipped in chocolate, chips, hotdogs and much more and we got to go to shows. Just thinking of the memories makes me want to go back! We spent a few hours there and returned back to the hotel- it was pizza night! All the food at the hotel was really nice but pizza was the icing on top of the cake- who doesn’t love pizza. After dinner, we got to see the square at night but made sure we got back in time to sleep and be refreshed for tomorrow morning

Day 5:

The last day. I and the people in my room made sure to clean our room to the best of our ability because we really wanted to be chosen for the tidiest room. After breakfast we went to mini-golf which was fun but I couldn’t help but feel sad about leaving the same day. We got ice creams before going to the beach. It was so hot even the sand was burning my feet. We spent a couple of hours on the beach before heading back to the villa to change into our uniforms. When we came back we got our luggage and put it in the coach so we could go to the airport. It was a short flight-approximately 2hrs. On the coach we had a few announcements and we won the tidiest room! Although there was no prize it still felt good to win something. We arrived at school to meet our parents and we had to face reality quickly- school was in a few days!


By Susan and Jummy