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Mini Mindfulness Conference

On Thursday 6th July, Chis and Sid held a ‘Mini Mindfulness Conference’ in the Pavilion. The conference featured stalls talking about mindfulness and a talk from MP and Junior Minister Tracey Crouch.

The stalls were run by the Chis and Sid mindfulness champions from years 8, 9 and 12.


To begin, at their stall, the year 12s gave an overview of mindfulness and the resources and courses that are available online and as apps.

Next, the year 8s gave a demonstration into a quick, simple and effective mindfulness technique called finger breathing, which calms you down and brings your focus back to the present, and not on the past or future.

The third stall was run by year 9s who talked about and led people through mindful eating. This is about bringing your attention to what you are eating, using all your senses to savour and appreciate the food instead of just shovelling it into your mouth.

Afterwards, once people had circulated, they had the opportunity to listen to a talk from MP and Junior Minister Tracey Crouch. The talk covered Tracey’s experiences with mindfulness, from being someone who tried it to help her manage her depression and then went on to be a convert. She also talked about mindfulness in Parliament, a parliamentary report that had been published called the Mindful Nation, exploring the need for mindfulness in the prison system, healthcare and schools, plus life as a member of Parliament and Junior Minister in general.


If you want to find out more about mindfulness, please come along to one of Chis and Sid’s Monthly Mindfulness meet-ups which are advertised on the tannoy or ask Mrs Saunt about a course.

By Amelia, year 8