Year 7 Artist Rooms Project

Some Year 7 classes were given the task of designing a room in a shoebox for an Artist of their choice and they certainly did not disappoint! Check out their work below.

This exceptional work featured amazing details such as wallpaper, rugs, furniture, canvases, lamps, ceiling lights – all exquisitely handcrafted and inspired by the work of their artist. Some of my favourite details include minute paintbrushes made from cocktail sticks and even a mini Chis & Sid blazer hanging on a carefully crafted mini coat hanger in Quentin Blake’s wardrobe. As a department we were amazed at the creativity, enthusiasm and commitment our talented Year 7 students demonstrated. Also, a big thank you, as always, to the parents who must have worked hard to support their children’s talent by purchasing and resourcing equipment!

Mrs Harland