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Lullingstone Villa Geography and Latin trip

Year 7 have recently been visiting Lullingstone villa as part of their studies in Geography and Classics. Here is a report on their trip by Lucas

On Wednesday 21st June 7T/7W went to Lullingstone Villa near Eynsford.  We left school after period 2 for our 25-minute journey. Five minutes away from the villa there is a ford which we had to drive through to get to the villa and because the weather was so hot there were many people paddling in the river.

On arrival, we were all quite shocked at the 30-degree Celsius weather and thankful we could take our blazers and ties off. The Roman villa is one of the best to see in England as it has been really well preserved and protected from the elements by the building that has been erected over it.


For the Latin part of the trip we walked onto the top floor of the villa and watched a video which gave us lots of information and helped us answer our questions. The video gives you a brief history and introduction to the villa and how Romans lived then. Once the video was finished we were free to stroll around the villa and find any further information to help us with our work. There were skulls, pictures, stories and lots more that we were able to look at and use to support our work.  The most interesting artefact was a board game from the Roman era which was played by Brian and Jack.

Across two floors of information we could read Latin passages and learn about interesting stories on noticeboards or dress up as a Roman person, which was pretty popular!


The second focus of our trip links to our work in Geography, here we learnt about the Roman settlement, the geographical location and why the Romans saw this location as ideal to build their villa. We created a field sketch of the location including labels, title and annotations. We learned about the human and physical features of the landscape and why the River Darenth was a valuable resource for the Romans.

The day ended with lunch and a visit to the shop to buy some food and souvenirs. The gift shop had a range of items from fudges and fizzy drinks to wooden swords and puzzles.