Year 10 Latin Project

For Latin, we were split into four groups and were each given a topic based on what we had been learning in the Roman Civilisation section of our Latin GCSE course.

The group that covered Roman dinner parties presented a variety of food items that would have been present at a typical Roman dinner party; for example, fruit salads, vegetable salads, couscous, pattina, stuffed dates, cake sweetened with honey, etc.

Another group covered the Colosseum. For the physical aspect of their project, they produced a model of the Colosseum made out of Jenga blocks. They also made origami animals to represent the different animals that would have been fought in the Colosseum like lions, hyenas, elephants, etc.


The Roman Baths group produced something similar to this and made a model of the Roman baths. The model was pretty accurate and was designed in a way as to reflect how visitors to the bath would have utilised it.


The final group based their project on Roman theatre. They made informative cards in the shape of tickets that specified a seating plan for the class to follow in accordance to how the audience would have sat in the Roman theatre. They also produced a trailer for the Roman comedy “Casina”.

All the groups were successful in making useful and creative projects that will be helpful resources in the long-run.