101 Things Competition Winners

Congratulations to the following year 9 students who were our winners in this year’s 101 Things Competition.

1st place: Amie

2nd place: Natalya

3rd place: Megan

Congratulations also to Yasmin, Anna, and Patrick for winning Headteacher’s Awards for their efforts.

In the form competition, 9T were the winners, receiving 100 house points, with 9E 2nd and 9W a close third.

The 101 things competition is a year-long project designed to promote the key skills of a successful independent learner. Students are given a set of 101 tasks to complete, set by departments across the school, which go above and beyond what students would be doing in day to day lessons. The students are given a year to complete the project, and as such the successful students have to plan their time very carefully.

Well done to all students who took part and remember those vital independent learning skills will be truly beneficial in the coming years.