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Jack Petchey Speak Out Challenge

This year, many year 10 pupils decided to enter the prestigious “Speak Out” challenge, generously funded by Jack Petchey. This challenge aims to boost confidence whilst involving a competitive element. Participants eventually selected are given the opportunity to represent the school during an assembly. Following this, those successful have the ability to progress to a regional final and then eventually reach the grand final, filled with many incredible prizes!


All the candidates in the competition were lucky enough to participate in a workshop organised by the “Speakers Trust” where we were all taught a variety of useful tips and tricks on how to deliver our speeches. Throughout the morning aspect of the training programme, there was plenty of public speaking practise, building up confidence and empowering pupils with the ability to perform their written work in front of audiences. Firstly, we began by doing some exercises which involved various key elements of public speaking, from opening ourselves up to the audience using body language to a recommended posture and relaxed position to support the projection of our voices in the best way possible. Subsequently, we were introduced to a series of more realistic activities where we had to use the stage and perform unprepared speeches which helped the group grasp the best ways to address an audience and show stage presence.

Following our experience in the morning from training, the transition into the afternoon meant that it was time for everyone to take the opportunity to present their captivating speeches from the stage. There was a vast sea of topics ranging from humanity, education, motivation and even real life scenarios. Thoughts crafted into a masterpiece echoed through the room from the fearless individuals, proving that small steps can take you a long way.

By Karen, year 10