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Normandy Trip 2017

The Normandy Trip is a trip organised by the French and History department to the north-west of France. This trip takes place every year in March.

The trip started on Saturday morning when we all arrived in school. After putting our suitcases away and saying goodbye to our parents, we boarded the coach. When we arrived at the English Shuttle terminal we had ten minutes to go to the toilets and eat our breakfasts. After that we went on the coach again and went on the shuttle. The journey on the shuttle only took twenty minutes as we crossed the English border and arrived in France. We then went to Cité Europe, a shopping centre, were we could get some lunch and have some free time. About an hour later we arrived at P&J Chocolates, a chocolate factory where we got to decorate our own chocolate bars, try their strawberry praline and we were also able to buy some of their chocolates. Our journey finished at the Bon Séjour hotel in Merville-Franceville. We left our luggage in our rooms; had dinner of carrot soup, spaghetti Carbonara and lime flavoured ice cream.

On Sunday we visited the German bunker by Gold beach, the 360° cinema and then we went bowling in the nearby city of Caen. We spent about an hour in the bunker looking around. Each room was a representation of what it looked like in WW2 and wax figures represented the people who worked there. We then ate our lunch of sandwiches on the cliff top outside the 360° Cinema overlooking Gold Beach. The cinema showed a montage of videos from the war including some scenes of D-day landing battles. After that we went bowling in Caen where we played two games in groups of seven. When we came back to the hotel, we went to the beach for a bit before dinner that consisted of pastry pizza, chicken and chocolate chip muffins. After dinner we had a disco organised for us and the other school groups there.

On Monday we went to Les caramels d’Isigny, a fudge factory and the Bayeux Tapestry. At the factory we saw how the fudge is made and we also got to try a few different flavours as well as trying their popcorn and biscuits. Afterwards we went to the German cemetery where we saw the graves of German soldiers. We then ate lunch outside of the cemetery. Later on we saw the Bayeux Tapestry while listening to a recording of it being explained scene by scene. We then went back to the hotel where we participated in the crepes evening. Here we got to try some homemade crepes. After that we went to the beach and had dinner. Monday’s dinner was made up from leek soup, a main dish and ice lollies. After dinner we attended the disco.

Tuesday was our last touring day and we visited the American cemetery and the ‘mad’ baker. At the American cemetery we saw the graves of American soldiers that died in WW2 as well as Omaha Beach where some of the D-day battles took place. We also found the graves of the Nyland brothers which inspired the story of ‘Saving Private Ryan.’ We then ate lunch on Omaha beach. After that we visited the ‘mad’ baker. There we were able to make our own organic and bio baguettes as well as get a tour of the village nearby from a dog. When we got back to the hotel we went to the beach; had dinner of quiche, beef and profiteroles; started packing and went to the disco.

Wednesday was a travelling day as we ate breakfast and then set off back home. After a long journey including a stop at a service station, we had some free shopping time in Cité Europe. After this we got the shuttle to England and made out way home.

I really enjoyed this trip as it was really interesting, fun and exciting.

By Amelia, year 8