Competitions / Mathematics

Mathematics Competitions

Having come second in the Regional Final in November, the Senior Maths team qualified for the National Final as one of the few best second place teams.

Determined to do even better in the National Final, Kara, Amelia, Tudor and Luke met up every week to train. They completed a huge number of questions on a range of different topics, working especially on speed, accuracy and team work. They even competed again a teacher’s team from the Maths department to see how much they have improved.

On Tuesday 7th February, the team travelled to Lindley Hall, Victoria to compete against 87 teams from all over the UK. We met teams from Truro, Bournemouth, Wales, Scotland and the Isle of Wight, alongside a number of teams from Greater London. There were many Maths powerhouses present such as Westminster School, Eton College, Queen Elisabeth’s Grammar School for Boys, King’s College London Mathematics School, Magdalen College, St Paul’s School and so on.

We went straight to the first of five rounds where the team designed a poster on Cellular Automata. The second round was when the main competition started. They made a perfect start in the second round, scoring 60/60 and only lost 1 mark in the third round. As the day went on, the questions got harder and harder. The last round required students to run around the hall to deliver questions and answers to their marker and team mates. The team kept going to the last second in order to secure as many marks as possible. 1400 schools had taken part this year and the Chis and Sid team came 22nd overall. For our school, we only started competing in the Senior competition three years ago and qualified for the National Final for the first time this year, so this was a truly outstanding result.

It has been a long journey for the two year 13 students, Luke and Tudor, who started competing in the year 10 Team Challenge in 2014. Tudor was in the Senior team when he was only in year 11 and had performed brilliantly for the last 3 years with his quickness of thought and outstanding problem solving skill. Luke was selected for the team in year 12 and his calmness, analytical skill and decisiveness will surely be missed. We hope that the two year 12 students, Kara and Amelia, will carry on guiding the next generation of Chis and Sid students to achieve even better results in the coming years.

Year 10 teams

Following the success of the Senior team, we entered two teams of four students into the Year 10 Team Maths competitions. The team members have been learning different topics all years to gain a better understanding of mathematical areas that are not normally taught in the curriculum. We did not specifically train for this competition to give students a wider understanding of Maths. We also let three of our year 9 students compete in this competition so that they can gain experience of competing against older students.

On the day of the competition, we divided the group into two teams. Team 1 consisted of Lauren in year 9 and Tony, Marianne and Max in year 10. Team 2 consisted of Aurea and Andre in year 9 and Callum and Amelia in year 10. The teams competed in five different rounds, with each having a different format and rules.

Between the two teams, we won four out of five rounds, coming first and second overall. This was outstanding as each of our teams had year 9 students and we were competing against year 10 students from other schools.

It has been a great year for Chis and Sid Maths teams and the year 10 students will go on to join the Senior team to start training next September. The three year 9 students, who have gained valuable experience this year, will be the mainstay of the team for years to come.

By Mr Nguyen