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Classics Talk at St Olave’s

On February 1st, there was a talk at St Olave’s School by Stephen Heyworth from Wadham College, Oxford. The focus of the talk was Aeneas the epic hero and, more specifically, how perceptions of him could differ. We explored the different ways the Aeneid presents him as a hero, lover, teller of tales, wager of war, family man and a figure of evil. It was very compelling to have such an in-depth look into the complexities of the character of Aeneas. Heyworth managed to convey these ideas in a way that even those with minimal prior knowledge of Aeneas and the Aeneid could understand. It drew forth some thought-provoking questions from the students and made all in the audience think. Overall, it was an incredibly gripping talk enjoyed by all.

By Wese, year 10