World Cancer Day

On Friday 3rd February, Chis & Sid took part in World Cancer Day. The day is meant to raise awareness of cancer and fundraise for cancer charities worldwide. It is an issue that is important to everyone and becoming increasingly prominent in modern life as the most up to date statistics show that 1 in 2 of us will now be diagnosed with cancer at some point in our life.

Our aim was to raise money for Cancer Research UK by having a bake sale and selling World Cancer Day wristbands. Thanks to the overwhelming support we managed to raise £1,122! This is an outstanding total for the inaugural Chis & Sid World Cancer Day and it is my hope that the Charity Committee may be able to continue to support this great cause going forward.

I would also like to mention all of the fantastic helpers from Year 13, Mr Sullivan and Mr Hasany.

Chris, Year 13