Year 7 Sewing Bee

The Textiles department has been running a Sewing Bee for Year 7 students (and some Year 8) for the past term. This is the second year for the club, and students have been continuing to make exciting handmade products. So far this year they have made Christmas decorations, dinosaur hand-warmers, dream catchers, and pumpkin pin cushions. Students who have been attending have given some glowing feedback:
“It is really fun, and we do different crafts every week” Denise 7S
“The Sewing Bee is open to anyone with any ability. All you need is a creative mind.” Mia 7S
“You have the opportunity to explore textiles outside of what we do in lessons.” Athena 7W
Students come along to sew and have a natter for an hour after school on Tuesdays. They learn new skills and have the opportunity to produce a new craft each week that they then take home with them at the end of the session. Next term there will be an Easter focus where we will make Bunny and Chick decorations as well as pom-poms and phone holders.