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World Mental Health Day

This year’s world mental health day aimed to raise the awareness of mental health with a specific focus on psychological first aid. To celebrate this event, the Psychology department and the PE department held a number of events throughout the day.

In the main hall a group of students set up a fantastic bake sale with a huge selection of amazing home baked cakes. In the hall students also shared lots of information regarding mental health. Where to go to seek help, how to look out for your friends’ mental wellbeing and common signs and symptoms. The day also allowed students to sign up for mindfulness sessions run by Mrs Saunt during the week which is now an ongoing weekly event. Lastly a large number of students that visited the bake sale were kind enough to write down one way that they look after their mental health with some really great suggestions summarised below:

Telling parents/siblings what’s going on.

Speak to someone you trust – teachers, the school nurse, etc.

Just trying to believe in yourself, having confidence in yourself.

Having a healthy diet, trying to do exercise a few times a week.

Talk to friends and do things that make me happy.

Using a mindfulness app every day, attending mindfulness sessions in school.

The Psychology department also had a psychological film running, ‘Inside out’, which is a great animation exploring emotions and memories. Lastly L2 was used as a room for students to pop in and share any worries and hear some personal experiences from some of our mental health ambassadors.

The PE department also got involved by holding a Year 11 boys vs girls netball match. This was a highly successful event raising over £50 in donations.

In total the event raised exactly £228.87. £45.77 has been donated to the school fund and the rest £183.10 has been sent to the charity ‘Mind’.

This would not have been possible if it was not for the highly dedicated, thoughtful and mature students that got involved. Well done and thanks to you all!

Miss Parris