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World Affairs Day

We live in an era of astonishing change. Politically, economically, socially and environmentally, the world is being pushed to the limit. After the awful year that has been 2016, World Affairs Day at Chis and Sid has been an interactive and educational experience quite different to that of the everyday classroom. Covering relevant and personal issues such as the impact of social media on our political views, to topics that may seem far from our reality such as the life of a refugee, World Affairs Day provided an important insight into the world we are growing up in. The workshops were informative, thought-provoking and even daunting, leaving every student with an unnerving sense of reality to the happenings in the world. The day finished with a viewing of National Geographic’s powerful documentary “Before the Flood” starring Leonardo DiCaprio, a sobering insight into the global threat that is climate change. It is fair to say that everyone left that assembly worried but motivated about the state of our environment and our damaged planet. Overall, the day was a great experience, but most importantly, relevant and real. We are all inhabitants of this planet, and the capability to make a change is beyond none of us – world affairs day certainly reinforced that.

By Remi, Year 13