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Senior Team Maths Challenge

The Senior Team Maths Challenge is a competition organised by the Further Maths Support Programme. Each competing school sends a team of 4 students, normally two year 12 and two year 13 students. They compete in three rounds with round 1 consisting of 10 long problems. Round 2 is a cross number, which is similar to a crossword but with Maths problems and number instead. The last round is called a relay round where each team member solves a problem and passes on the answer to the next person and so on.

On 16/11, the Senior Team from Chis and Sid went to compete at the East London Regional Final at Queen Mary University of London. The team consists of Amelia Rout and Kara Salih in year 12, Tudor Ciurca and Luke Dale in year 13. They had been training for the previous two weeks, spending their lunch time to prepare for the competition. During the competition, the team started brilliantly, solving 9 out of 10 problems in round 1 and every question in round 2 correctly. Although, the time pressure and speed of the relay meant they did not achieve a perfect score, the team still finished in 2nd place out of 37 teams. This is the best result by a long way since the school started to compete in team competitions.

We are saying goodbye to Tudor and Luke, who have been competing for the school since year 10. We will be looking for other students to fill the gap that they left behind. If you are in year 7-11 and interested in taking part in any of the three levels, Junior for year 7-9, Intermediate for year 10 and Senior for year 11-13, please speak to your Maths teacher.