Science Expo

On 9th November groups of year 9 and 10 students presented their findings to parents, teachers and judges. Over the summer the groups, of up to 4 students, independently researched and investigated a topic of science that they found interesting. These projects were then displayed in poster form or on stands. Information presented included their hypothesis, conclusions and more. Many groups also went the extra mile and even demonstrated their experiment on the evening.
One group investigated whether still or sparkling water affects the rate of diffusion, of food dye or in general. They did this by pouring a certain amount of dye into a cup of still/ sparkling water. They then timed how long it took for the food dye to diffuse in water. The control variables included: the amount of water, the amount of food dye, the beakers and the person timing was kept the same for accuracy. They also used three different food dyes to make it even more accurate. They chose this idea as they thought that it might help people suffering from medical conditions such as diabetes. This is because they thought that if they drank fizzy drinks compared to still ones, that the sugar in the drink may absorb into their blood system quicker and therefore raise their sugar levels quicker.
To conclude, the night was a success and a range of different projects were presented about a variety of different areas in science. The winners of the evening each received a Bluewater voucher and all the participants received certificates too. Many thanks goes to Mrs Lebreuilly for organising this event that both students, teachers and parents enjoyed. Hopefully there will be more events like this in the future.

by Amie, year 9