Foots Cray Recycling Project- Yr 12 Art Students

Art students in Yr12 started this collaborative project with Bill Hudson – local artist – by visiting Foots Cray Recycling Centre to select the materials. The theme of the work was ‘’Re-making’’. A new wave of thinking which is making its mark across London. They spent a morning picking out throw away pieces which were bought back to The Curve Gallery – which was turned into a making space for 3 days. The students had to solve a number of making and joining problems and take on new ways of thinking and using tools for the first time for many of the group. The outcomes were highly original as well as successful in construction. The outcomes have been sorted into two groups. The first will be installed at Foots Cray Recycling Centre. The second will become a wall based installation group piece located on the wall opposite The Legacy Building.