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Classics Trip to Antigone

Having never previously watched a classical play, a few of us from our Classics class went to see the Greek Tragedy Antigone by Sophocles performed by students at Woodford County High School. They performed it in a Greek theatre and like the way the original plays were performed in outside theatres at the festival for City of Dionysia; the school has a small scale version of this setting as well. It was different, in that the original Greek plays were performed by an older all male cast and because of modern society in most plays today we have female and male actors. However, this play was performed by all female students and they managed to accomplish putting a successful play in a short amount of time. The whole atmosphere was entertaining; the Greek inspired  costumes the students wore were amazing and all coordinated very well. There was also the addition of having drums and instrumentals (violin and flute) as a way to portray the tension. What I liked about the play the most was the way the student playing Creon as she was fierce and harsh- personality of the character she was playing- and I think she depicted him well. Also despite the cold, the students were all very interactive; the chorus spoke in synchrony which is similar to what we see in the original plays. It was just a play put together very well and a really fun experience to see students to put on a Classical play and spread their love and knowledge of the subject.


By Saranki, Year 13