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Textiles Trip to V&A Museum

Sounds like Year 10 learnt a lot from their recent school trip. Read their joint review of the day here.

Our textiles class went into London to the Victoria and Albert Museum for a workshop. When we got to the museum via train and tube, we had the chance to glance around the galleries and look at all the fine art work. There were many sculptures of humans made out of stone, and these were very intricate.

Before we started our workshop we were taken to a room filled with all sorts of modern sculptures, art and contraptions by a member of the V&A staff. This was helpful as we got to see how she puts together her designs; giving us an understanding of an artist’s perspective and methods of creating patterns. We created many samples of mark making, using pieces of art and objects within the gallery. I enjoyed this part as we had to create patterns by focusing on small areas of the objects, for example; there was a sculpture of a lion and I focused on his mane.

We were then instructed to create a positive and negative sketch of two different objects which we then merged together in the centre. This was interesting as we had to find two very different products; drawing one in detail and the other as an outline and dark shadow surrounding it.

We then had to create a repeated pattern by choosing an object in the gallery and drawing it multiple times using techniques such as repetition, symmetry and rotation. After this we went through some coloured card and cut out shapes to recreate one of the patterns we had previously drawn through our observations, creating a collage with various shapes, patterns and colours. Lastly we had to collect lots of different magazine images and create a collage of our own design. This task was my favourite because it allowed me to be even more creative.

The afternoon session gave us the opportunity to explore various different exhibition rooms and practice our newly acquired observation skills. We worked in teams to sketch six objects from around the museum, linking each of them in a specific way, for example in time period, country or location of make.

Transporting the art of creating patterns from the museum back to the classroom, we then used techniques like fabric transfer paint to create our own patterns using the heat press. We then gave our work texture by adding beads, foiling, and Angelina fibres.

During this trip I learnt that sketches do not always have to be neat and complex, but quick, large, bold lines can be just as effective as they allow you to let your creativity to flow. As well as this, observing the work of other artists and designers has helped me evaluate and analyse objects and has given me a different perspective on how to explore work in the future. It has encouraged me to consider the use of objects and art in the work I will be producing in textiles. Overall it was an enjoyed the experience as it has taught me new skills and shown me a different side of art and textiles.