Humanities / School Trips

Year 10 River Darent Field trip

We got into school on a wet, rainy day in our waterproofs and wellies with massive bags filled with extra clothes. We all walked over to the coach to get it to the source of the river in Westerham. The rain was relentless so we were soaked before even getting near the river. Once we got there everyone was reluctant to get into the river, even though we were already soaked. Taking our readings and having fun with our friends soon made us forget about the weather and forget that we were doing work for school and we started to enjoy ourselves on the trip. As we started to brighten up so did the weather making our experience even better than it already was. As we moved downstream the water started to rise, the river was up to our knees passing and filling our boots with water but at this point everyone had seemed to have looked past that as we were focused on getting the best possible readings for our coursework while having the most amount of fun as we could. The day started to fly by us as we got on and off the coach travelling to the different points in the river, where we had to take our readings and measurements. For most of the day the weather was against us and we had to battle it to get our readings but the effort, determination and energy my group and the other groups showed through the day had overpowered the horrible conditions that we had been forced to face for the majority of the day. We all left the last site with smiles on our faces after and amazing day with our friends and teachers and that made this trip one of the best trips I’ve been on in the four years I’ve been at Chis and Sid.

By Josh Jardine