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STEM4 Student Mental Health Conference

Why is it when we think of physical health we come up with many positive connotations but with mental health purely negative words spring to mind?  Why is it that most people know how to and do take good care of their physical health but have never even thought of caring for their mental health? At Chis and Sid we want to tackle these issues and increase the awareness of mental health among all ages so no pupil has to suffer in silence.

On June 24th a small group of year 10 students visited Newstead Wood School to take part in a student conference led by the charity STEM4 discussing various mental health issues. This was run by clinical psychologist Dr Nihara Krause who gave an informative lecture on the signs and symptoms of depression, anxiety and eating disorders. An inspiring and touching speech was also given by the upcoming actress Rosie Day who explained her personal experience of dealing with anorexia in her family. Our students got involved in talks on how we can look after our mental health better, what we should do in schools to provide support and other ways we can just generally look out for one another.

Stem4 aims:

  • To stop the development of something undesirable
    1 in 10 young people will present with a mental health issue that affects their development
  • To make headway against the tide or current
    Research indicates that early intervention provides effective and long lasting change
  • To be the stalk that supports
    By supporting teenage mental health we enable them to reach their full potential. 40% of teenage mental health issues if untreated continue into adulthood.

If you know anyone that is suffering in silence don’t be afraid to seek help. There are so many people that can help. Remember to speak to friends, teachers, the school child protection officers; Mrs Evans and Mr Panton or the school nurse.

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