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Key Stage 3 Poetry Competition

“We are such stuff as dreams are made on, and our little life is rounded with a sleep.”
William Shakespeare, The Tempest


This year’s KS3 poetry competition chose Dreams as its theme and this certainly caught the imagination of those who competed on July 6th. We heard some entertaining and energetic performances of poems written by professional poets but, for many of the audience, I suspect the highlight was hearing the original compositions crafted by the pupils themselves from the power of their own imagination. Not only had these individuals written and crafted the content but they had successfully memorised and delivered it in an engaging and often very moving manner. Indeed so impressed was I that, in addition to the recording of the whole proceedings which is available on Fusion we have produced a video recording of selected highlights which can be seen below.

The dreams created by these poets were sometimes personally honest in focus and style, but often much more inclusive and socially aware in their presentation of ideas. The audience was told to hold on fast to dreams of a better life for individuals, but also for humanity in our complex and unequal world. Our dreams, we were told, should not have limitations as they can be a place of infinity where human beings work together to change the world and remove much of the prejudice and ignorance that we hear about on what seems like a daily basis. Samantha Allen of 7D summed up the sentiments expressed by a number of our poets when she spoke of the gap between dreams and reality:

In my dreams, we are all equal.

Because in my dreams, we care about people.

In my dreams, we are not divided.

In my dreams, we stand united.

And human rights is a party to which everyone’s invited.

But sadly my dreams aren’t a reality,

Because in this world, hate is clarity.

Please do read the poems and extracts from the competition below so you have a sense of the talented writers we have here at Chis & Sid. Thank you to everyone who participated as teachers, judges, performers and audience in a truly wonderful afternoon to celebrate the power of voice and words in performance.

Mrs Hitchcock


2016 Poetry Competition     Original Poems

1.Joan Whybrow 9S

Dreams Are Not Real

(I HAVE A DREAM!…only joking.) Dreams are not real. That’s all there is to it. You can dream all you want, but none of you will pursue it.

What’s the point of a dream if it’s only in your head? It will either leave or stay there until all of you are dead.

It’s a little image to keep our brains amused, afraid to get it out in the open, with the fear of it being abused.

But dreams are not real, you may have heard otherwise, but you need to get out there and open your eyes.

Whatever you want, equality fairness, you can dream it all up, but you couldn’t really care less.

If it became a reality, you’d be glad of the creation, but you would still be sitting there, glued to your PlayStation.


2.Lauren Sillitoe

The Dream Land

My eyes are open but I am blind

Looking for the things that cannot be found.

That slither and slip and slide

Through dark cracks

Unseen, but watching.


The bitter taste of fear scorches my tongue

I am crying, flying, falling

Waltzing to a broken tune

To the song of a thousand laments

My scream; born in terror and dead in silence.


Oh sweet darkness

Come shut my weary eyes.

Deliver me from this godless land

Where shadows stalk

And pain is brother to suffering.


A new dawn breaks,

And I am free once more.


3.Samantha Allen

In my dreams, society has changed.

In my dreams, women have an equal wage.

In my dreams, no one has guns.

In my dreams, no wars need to be won.

Because in my dreams those wars weren’t started.

In my dreams, our resources lasted.

In my dreams, women see clothing and know they can wear it.

Because in my dreams, they’re not told they were ‘asking for it’.


In my dreams, skin colour doesn’t matter,

Because, white or other, we still care about the latter.

In my dreams, kids are taught to love and be kind,

Not to get to the top and take what they find.

In my dreams, gender isn’t seen as a binary.

And we spend less time on phones and more time in the library.

In my dreams, Jane who was once Jake

Is still seen as a woman for goodness sake.

In my dreams, people can love who they love,

Without being given the slightest shove.


In my dreams, women don’t look to men for validation

In my dreams, we are one nation.

In my dreams, we are all equal.

Because in my dreams, we care about people.

In my dreams, we are not divided.

In my dreams, we stand united.

And human rights is a party to which everyone’s invited.

But sadly my dreams aren’t a reality,

Because in this world, hate is clarity.





4.Dreams Faith Ahamefula 7E

Why can’t we fly off into the sunset?

Why can’t we be the birds flying free,

Why do all things have to be limited?

Why do our crazy thoughts have to be tweaked, adjusted and edited?


Questions, questions and apprehensions,

Dreams don’t have any limitations,

Dreams are your creation,

All made in the imagination.


100 miles of the mind we are able to explore,

1,000 acres of fantasy to look for,

10,000 thoughts and ideas to think,

And 1 dream filled with plans to the brink.

Dreams don’t have to be of normality,

To make our goals into reality,

Many dreams do come true,

Maybe, just maybe it might happen to you.


We can escape the world through our dreams,

So live those dreams to the extreme,

The things you can create will leave you in astonishment,

One simple dream can bring tingles and excitement.


Don’t let the dreams disappear into a cloud or a puff of smoke,

That puff of smoke should be hope,

Hope, will make your dream come true,

Maybe just maybe it might happen to you.


5.In My Dreams Emily Hoang 7E

In my dream there will be no right and no wrong,

Where hate and racism will forever be gone.

A world were nobody will be judged,

A place where everyone will be loved.


In my dreams everyone will be proud of their race,

And not let society determine their place.

People would live their day as if it was the last,

Focusing on the present not always the past.


So hold on to your dreams,

If we work together we’ll have a great team.

People can tell you that dreams never come true,

But if you dream hard enough, you’ll know they do.




6.Lucy Greig, 8T

To Catch A Dream.


Is there something wrong

With me?

A loose screw or three that tumble around in my head and destroy my ability to think

Why am I always so tired?

Am I really doomed to be lost, to be so

Fatigued and uninspired?

My hair hangs loose and limp by my sides,

My eyes encircled by a menacing purple

Without their usual audacious gleam

So I sit

And I stare

And I think of my dream,

The dream that left me weak in the face of the sun,

The dream that caused me to think that

I could walk, I could run

So I sit

And I stare

And I think until the thoughts in my head run dry

But I’m fine.

I’m fine.


And yet,

I still think and stare and sit,

Alone in a bubble of despair in a readily dug pit

Of self pity,

Oh please,

Who needs a world of degrees and PHDs when I could have a dream.


The rules of dreams are substandard at best,

They set you apart from the rest of the rest

With determination.

Determination and stubborn contempt,

And a sudden feeling of profound exempt

Once you get it in your hands,

Oh I had it in my hands….

But I guess you can’t be a dreamer, Lucy,

you’re not interesting enough.


So I stand

And I blink

And I don’t think,

I don’t think of that one dream,

The dream that left me weak in the face of the sun,

The dream that caused me to think that

I could walk, I could run.

So I’m saying nothing,

And doing less…

But I’m working hard, hard as can be,

Through torn and twisted lines of

Bad poetry,

Through the voices in my head that tell me to obey,

And say yes

And okay

I’m to do it with smile on my less than perfect face,

I’m to listen to their words and I’m not to give chase to that dream…

That one dream.

The dream that left me strong in the face of the sun,

The dream that showed me that

I can walk, I can run.


But even then, even then as my bones start to decay

And my eyes and my hair and my brain all but melt away into the

Still shape of my limbs in slow motion,

I’ve got no devotion.


So I sit.

And I stare.

And I dream.




7.Away in Dreams- Lauren Aitken 8T


She sits on her bed in her room

Her curtains drawn

Her door closed.

There in a strange twilight light

In a bubble of tranquillity

She is away.


Away from the cameras

Away from the bright lights

Away from the focus on Instagram likes

Away from the fighting

Of a world gone mad

Away from the shouts of mum and dad

Away from the violence

Away from the fear

Away from the hate that is always so near

And there in her bedroom

There is only the sound

Of her breath

And there in her bedroom

She dreams.


Dreams of peace

Dreams of love

Dreams of an olive branch and a white dove

Dreams of music

Dreams of dances

Dreams of a figure that twirls and prances.

Dreams of a world

A world united!

Even if that’s not how the world has voted.

Dreams of fiction

Of Fantasy

Of meeting her favourite character from history-


Tucked away in the back of her mind

Thrown forwards in a hysteria

Of desperation and frustration

Of an operation of a xenophobic nation

Of an animation of a stationary recreation

Where children play about society’s dictation

Falling through an endless void

Of make-believe, where nothing is destroyed

She walks, through the path of her mind

Where peace flourishes and anger has died

She flits and floats

And wilts and woats

And dreams.


Dreams of peace

Dreams of love

Dreams of calm

Of smiling

Of excellence

Of beauty

Of happiness

Of dreamy daydreams of





A knock at the door

Someone’s burst through

The bubble! Wake up!

You’ve got homework to do.


8.Jummy Babatunde 7S

I dream that I would one day dine with the queen,
A little ambitious I see but it’s my dream and it will always be my dream no matter how silly it might be
I dream that I could go back in time,

and see all the wonderful things I thought I never could find,
I dream that the crowd will be screaming my name as I cross the line in 1st place,

it may take a lot of training but it’s all worth it when I see my face in the hall of fame,
I dream of a time when we don’t have to worry about followers or likes,

but try to fix the world by putting the wrongs things right,
I dream of a day when girls and women don’t have insecurities,

about whether they’re ugly and how they can make themselves pretty,
I dream that those homeless people living on the streets,

would be given houses and food so they longer have to beg before they’re are able to eat,
I dream of a time where for once we are actually grateful ,

and when given something we say with meaning merci, danke or thank you,
Because there are people in poorer countries who are just surviving,

whilst we’re here in the UK sitting on our sofas reclining,
And finally I dream  of a world when we are not fighting because of what religion, race or nation we come from ,
Because we were put on this world to be united, together as one,
Dreams are beautiful things,
So I encourage you to dream no matter how silly, small or big it might be because one day you might achieve your dreams, hopefully and eventually


Out of line


9.Liberty Hemming 8D

Dreams are what make us.

What are we without our dreams?

Just puppets controlled by our government, shoving words into our mouths as if we’re babies who haven’t learnt to talk or even walk?

For if we could, surely we’d run away from this world of corruption and inequality.

We’re stuck.

Stuck in our place, like an obedient army troop, too scared to jump out of line.

But what are dreams if we’re not willing to take a risk?

All we can do is hope, we get told that hope is enough but hope is just a thought, a dream is an action.

So I will fight for what I believe in, what I dream apon because if you call me out of line, All I can say is “at least I made it out.”



10.Martha Odiase

A dream that could change the world


They get throw away and changed

Never the same

They mature as you grow

U think ur the ruler but fractured by other people


I had a dream

Yeah I had a dream the world was wonderful

I had a dream that the colour of my skin did not matter

I had a dream that we were all the same

People say that is boring or is that because they are afraid that they could not make some one fell below then them or less


I had a dream one thing to say another actually do

We think politicians have but do they?

It seems that our world is corrupted enough to believe separating ourselves works

A politician thought a wall will help but that guy thinks a million dollars is a small amount


I had a dream

And I know I can ramble and my life is nothing compared to some other people

Let me not even talk about the slave trade

But knowing races fight and discriminate is weird cause last time I checked we are all humans


I had a dream

And I remember my mum whispering in my ear it’s alright as she wiped my tears and I would go to bed believing that the world was alright and wake up in the morning not caring what anybody said


I had a dream

That the amount of followers and likes u have does not matter and the phone u have does not make u who u r and guess what people went a whole day without going on their phones


I had dream

And I know that I am no Martin Luther king but I did have a dream that could change the world


I had a dream

Sometimes dreams come true


  1. Ellie Sillitoe Dream On


Dream on, get lost, I don’t wanna hear from you!

This aint no fairy-tale, true

More like a nightmare, boo

If you wanna be like me just join the que


So dream on


Stop copying my walk and the way I talk.

You think you’re clever well you’re not Sherlock

Why are you staring me I’m pretty sure you’re not a hawk

You’re so annoying you make me wanna stab you with fork


So dream on


Go get a life, stop bugging mine

You saying you don’t wanna talk, fine

Hanging around with you is like a crime

Mate this is where we draw the line


So dream on


For you, I don’t have the time

You’re as sour as a lime

Your hair could be mistaken for a piece of slime

Now go off and enjoy your eight o clock bedtime



So dream on


 You slither like a snake and you’re a big fat fake

So dream on I got nothing else to say

So just get out my way