Sensory Sculpture Garden

An update here on an exciting Art and Product Design project. Be sure to check out the photo slideshow at the end.

A level Fine Art and Product Design Yr12 students collaborated with Artist/Designer Bill Hudson (Member of The Royal British Society of Sculptors) on a 2 day workshop inside the Quentin Blake Building. The experience for all those involved was especially valuable in providing opportunities for students to work outside their comfort zone and learn from others from a different discipline.

Art and Product Design students were placed into mixed teams working alongside each other to produce a range of conceptual drawings that were translated into 3D form. The atmosphere was highly productive and experimental. The workshop was a result of A level and GCSE Art students raising funds of £8,000 for a permanent sculpture installation to be located adjacent to The Legacy Building.

Marlborough School were involved in the initial discussions with the students and Bill Hudson to establish the brief. The project was led by Mrs Langford and involved presentations to Senior Leadership Team and The School Governors.

On the concluding day Mr Walker made a selection of design work that will form the basis for further development work. Bill Hudson MRBS is the commissioned artist. These ideas will evolve into a set of design proposals for the Sensory Sculpture Garden Sculpture. The installation of the Sensory Sculpture Garden is anticipated to be during the Autumn Term.

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Sue Bishop
Head of Faculty (Art, Computer Science and Technology).
Art Curriculum Leader.