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Year 7 Classics and Geography Visit to Lullingstone villa

Lullingstone Villa is positioned in the country side of Eynsford. It is clear why the Romans chose this location, it is full of rolling hills that provide shelter from the wind and a river for transport of goods and themselves. When we were at the villa we drew a field sketch of the trees, fields and river, we found out that the Romans thought carefully about where to put their home.
The Romans built the villa in the first century A.D and it is amazing that there are still remains of it today. You not only get to see and walk around the villa, but also discover how over time it would have grown from a small house with a few rooms to a grand house and working farm. When we went to the villa we experienced what being a Roman was like, there were Roman clothes to try on and games to play just as they would have done. After visiting the villa we went outside and ate lunch on the picnic benches whilst looking across to the forest or down to the fields and river. Thank you to the Classics and Geography department for organising such a fun visit!

By Emily Edmeads 7W