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Parents Association Update

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The Chis and Sid PA has had a fantastic year of fundraising for the school and we thank all parents and staff who have given their time and skills supporting our activities over the year.
We would love to welcome new members to the PA so if you’d like to get involved please come along to one of our meetings or contact us for more information at

This year funds have been awarded to:

  • £10,000 towards Legacy Building equipment
  • £1,000 to Community Awards
  • £200 to the Drama department
  • £3,470 – donation to school (laser cutter)
  • £5,099 – allocated for funding of equipment or projects requested by various departments


A quick summary of funds raised:

⇒ Year 7 Disco: £280
⇒ Christmas Fayre: £4367
⇒ Refreshments at School Events: £710
⇒ Quiz Night: £680
⇒ Uniform Sales: £274
⇒ Donations from Parents: £2935
⇒ “1000 Club”: £2000

For full details of the PA please see our latest Newsletter available on the Parent Portal under Communications here.

Dawn Burton (Chair of Chis and Sid Parents’ Association)