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National Writing Competition Prize Winner

Congratulations to Jessica Rufus in year 7, who was awarded second place in the prestigious ALCS and CILIP Carnegie & Kate Greenaway Medals writing competition. Not only does this mean Jessica’s writing has been published in ALCS News, but she has also won a selection of books from the Medals shortlist.

There were over one thousand entries and the judges commented on the high quality of all the entries received.

The competition is part of the annual book shadowing scheme which runs alongside the CILIP Carnegie and Kate Greenaway Medals, which involves tens of thousands of students from across the country reading the shortlisted books for both medals and providing their own reviews and votes before the official winners are announced.

ALCS, the Authors’ Licencing and Collecting Society, devises the creative writing competition which Jessica entered, with the aim of promoting the value of ownership and copyright. The theme of the competition this year was ‘The Journey’.

Jessica’s writing is called ‘Lost’ and you can read it in full here:
Lost – In a Supermarket
She chatted eagerly – and almost endlessly – as he listened.
From the shelf he looked down at her and smiled warmly. He looked back at the shelf and picked up a box of cereal, which he carefully placed into the basket that hung from his left arm, before then reaching out his free hand for hers to hold.
She took it and grinned, her beautiful young face bright and flawless.

Together they walked; until she spotted the toys’ aisle.
She tugged gently to signal for him to let go, and then skipped over to look, leaving him behind.
For some time she carefully surveyed the rows upon rows of stuffed animals, dolls and plastic models; before suddenly remembering the brother she’d left behind.
She spun round to see him, but only to greet – nothing.

And a horrible realisation dawned upon her.

She hurried past the meats, the milk and bread, her anxiety building.
She wandered aimlessly, weaving her way through the maze of shelves and people.
She paced, barely containing the fear she could sense welling up inside her.
She began to count her steps; 7 strides past the shelves of soaps. Two right turns into the medicines aisle. Another 18 strides. Straight forwards, into the bakery aisle again.

By now she was panicking.
She slipped to the floor and almost burst into tears-
She suddenly heard a familiar voice, calling out to her, calling her name.

Instantly, she was on her feet, bounding towards the sound.
She approached the end of the aisle, turning the corner only to find…

Before he could react, she had already embraced him, holding as if she’d never let go.

Finally, she stepped back and smiled.

He reached his hand out for hers to hold.
She took it and together they walked.


To read the other winning entries and find out more, you can visit the ALCS Website.

Congratulations once again to Jessica from CSGS News.